Oh Bo, Part Five: Eighth Grade

Burnham Moves to Film to Pass His Ideals to a Wider Audience with Eighth Grade

“I’m looking at this girl and thinking ‘There’s a scared little girl who is self-conscious and worried.’” — Bo Burnham on the origins of Eighth Grade
Eighth Grade (2018)
“It’s not like I’m scared to not talk, I just don’t want to.”
From dark to light
“A grape soda bacchanalia.”
Hard reset
“Is it weird that we’re already best friends?”
Final Transmission?
Burn it all down.
Burnham and Fisher on the set of Eighth Grade

“I was terrified of not being good.”

Burnham encompasses his entire generation and career in one short, yet powerful sentence. He speaks for all of us. We are all scared children trying to meet the expectations that society has placed on us. To be the best that we were told we could be. Trying, desperately, to be good.

Part time writer, full time nerd

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