Oh Bo, Part Three: what.

Burnham Sets A New Comedy Special Standard With what.

“When I get onstage, I want to do this show, I want to serve this show, and I want to serve this higher idea of theatre.” — Bo Burnham on what.
what. (2013)
what. (2013)
The thesis of what.
“A World On Fire”
“Am I Right??”
“Beating Off in A Minor” (2013)
“#Deep” (2013)
what. (2013)

I’m like you guys, once a week I like to slip into a deep existential depression where I lose all sense of oneness and self-worth. And what I like to in order to assure myself that I’m unique and I’m not just one of many small, white indistinguishable perfectly cylindrical checker pieces in Jesus and Satan’s backgammon game, is I will say a group of words that I think no one has ever said in that order so that when I say it I feel like “Look at me, participating in this new moment no one’s ever been a part of.” So I’ll say something random like “peanut butter tribadism” or “I’m your father and I loved your comedy show.”

“Repeat Stuff” Music Video
“What the fuck?”
“We Think We Know You” (2013)
“Mr. Burnham.”



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