“They Ought to Put You in Mass Production”

The Feminist Streak of The Best Years of Our Lives

Milly Stephenson: The Power of the American Wife

Myrna Loy used her clout to bargain for top billing and she got it. To have a women headlining a movie that mainly focuses on three men is another indication that even in a world run by men, women should get their due.

Wilma Cameron: Strength in the Girl Next Door

Marie Derry: The Misunderstood War Wife

Peggy Stephenson: The Future is Female

Cinematographer Gregg Toland even frames the conversation in a way that when Marie is talking, it is just her and Peggy reflected in the mirror, whereas when Peggy speaks, we see other people in the room to show that “Peggy’s worldview apparently takes in others.”

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